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From ancient medicine men to modern holistic healers, people from every culture have recognized the potent healing properties of 'nature'. Loreem™ has concentrated on the blending of yesterday's natural ingredients and practices, with today's cosmetic requirements and tomorrow's eco-friendly technology.

The Loreem™ Skin Care System also is an OTC or “Over the Counter Drug”. The natural ingredients used in the system are FDA approved to provide healing, protection, and the regeneration of skin and healthy skin growth.


Loreem™ has been able to create new, patent pending formulae and technology to utilize oatmeal to naturally heal dry skin, dermatitis, and acne all the while reducing wrinkles, repairing cracked skin and scars and giving a healthy, fresh look to skin of all ages.

Oatmeal is a natural cleanser and toner, its mild exfoliating action makes it an excellent addition to the Loreem™ Skin Care System. It also provides the necessary natural bleaching effect that will fade age spots and other skin imperfections and to even out skin tones.

The oatmeal used in The Loreem™ Skin Care System is a natural humectant clinically proven to increase hydration. Also clinically proven to smooth fine lines and repair wrinkles on the skin.


Loreem™ researched and tested beeswax and found that is one of the most misunderstood and sometimes vilified natural, organic cosmetic ingredients. Some people immediately call to mind a picture of a heavy and very solid wax when thinking of beeswax. This is incorrect and beeswax has very natural, organic, and wonderful properties that Loreem™ has utilized and included in its skin care formulas and pending patent.

From ancient times, people knew and used beeswax as an antiseptic for wound healing. Hippocrates even recommended that a layer of beeswax be placed on the neck for quinsy. Loreem™ tested these potentials with unprecedented results and now utilizes the highest quality beeswax to help in the regeneration of new skin and the protection of skin.

The Loreem™ Skin Care System understands that beeswax is one of natures most wonderful ingredients that has wonderfully emollient, soothing and softening properties and helps the skin retain moisture.

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide is a natural, organic mineral and is also a principle ingredient in the Loreem™ patent pending formulas. Titanium Dioxide is a physical barrier, meaning they will stay on the surface of your skin reflecting sunlight, SPF, and other environmental dangers like free radicals (cancer causes and aging). Titanium Dioxide is also hyper allergenic and can be used on anybody without complications or sensitivities due to the fact it does not penetrate your skin.

Loreem™ created its SPF, tested at above 15, using this natural and organic sunscreen because it provides the best protection of the skin from deadly UV rays. Chemical sunscreens, provided by other cosmetic companies, neutralize the UV rays once they enter your epidermis (skin).

These chemical sunscreens, which work by setting off a chemical reaction inside your skin, can cause cancer since they do not block the free radicals that Loreem™ does so effectively with the use of Titanium Dioxide.

Loreem™ Skin Care System with natural, organic Titanium Dioxide is the safest, non-invasive protection of the skin from sun, naturally occurring and man-made environmental allergens, and cancer causing free radicals.

Walnut and Apache Minerals

Loreem™ Exfoliator Booster uses natural and organic Walnut and Apache Minerals. These natural ingredients are ground to the specific requirements of Loreem™ to provide the ultimate, fine powder, specifically designed to gently remove dirt and debris from the skin with a daily application.

Loreem’s™ Walnut and Apache Mineral Exfoliator Booster was created to be gentle enough to be used on a daily basis but strong enough to help create and generate new, healthy, fresh skin that makes all complexions look and feel great.

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