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The Loreem™ Skin Care System has been designed to protect the single largest organ of the body, the skin and particular the skin of the face, hands, and feet. The skin, when healthy, protects us from chemical, physical, and biological hazards. Unfortunately, everybody’s skin has been damaged by chemicals, soaps, make-up, natural and man-made environmental allergens along with all of the unhealthy food and food by-products that we ingest.

Loreem™ has developed, unique and patent pending formulae, which create a barrier on the surface of the skin which allows the skin to be protected from these environmental allergens that damage and destroy skin cells. The outer layer of skin is only 1/250th of an inch thick, and when damaged no longer becomes that layer of our skin that forms the protective barrier. Loreem™ supplies this ultimate protection that allows the skin to repair in a healthy and natural way, creating fresh, new, and rejuvenated skin creating that natural barrier from the elements.

There are many skin irritants that we all can be exposed to in the workplace, social settings, and the great outdoors. The Loreem™ Skin Care System was developed, through clinical testing in the worst environments, to protect the skin form becoming a sponge when it comes into contact with something damaging to the skin and internal health. Anything that penetrates through the outer layer affects the inner layer of skin and the whole health of the entire body. Strong or regularly repeated irritations of the skin may lead to skin diseases such as cancer, dermatitis, age lines, wrinkles, and generally unhealthy looking skin. Loreem™ is the ultimate protection against those issues.

The type of environment you are in can cause skin problems directly or they can work with other factors to increase skin problems. These factors include:

  • Heat – causes sweating. Sweating may dissolve chemicals and bring them into closer contact with the skin. Heat increases the blood flow at the skin surface and may increase the absorption of substances into the body.
  • Cold – dries the skin and causes microscopic cracking. This cracking allows substances to cross the outer layer of the skin, thus entering the body.
  • Sun – burns and damages the skin. Sun can increase absorption of chemicals. Sun reacts with some chemicals to enhance their negative affects on the body,
  • Use of damaging cosmetics or lotions that contain oils, silicones, petrolatum or any of the skin damaging compounds regularly used in cosmetics or lotions.

How to Protect Your Skin:

  • Use The Loreem™ Skin Care System daily to protect and repair healthy or damaged skin and to minimize the amount of skin exposed,
  • Follow the daily usage instructions provided in The Loreem™ Skin Care System carry all,
  • Use Loreem™ Sole’ Brightener as a sun protection factor (SPF) or sunscreen.
  • Use a mild soap when washing your hands or face,
  • Always wear Loreem™ Sole’ Brightener or Evening Renewal before applying any and all types of make-up or chemical sunscreen.
  • Use the Loreem™ Exfoliator Booster, daily, to remove the dead and dirty skin and to promote healthy new skin growth.
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